You deserve some recognition for your contribution on MarinaPrice. Each time you contribute to enrich the content, you will earn some points and rise through the ranks.
For bigger contribution, we will reward Officers with xSkipperblogs months of discount on Skipperblogs.com Premium subscription.


rank Seaman Recruit 0 pts
rank Officer Third Class 300 pts
rank Officer First Class 700 pts
rank Chief Officer 1,500 pts
rank Midshipman 3,000 pts 1x Skipperblogs
rank Lieutenant 7,000 pts 2x Skipperblogs
rank Lieutenant Commander 15,000 pts 3x Skipperblogs
rank Commander 25,000 pts 4x Skipperblogs
rank Captain 35,000 pts 6x Skipperblogs
rank Rear Admiral 50,000 pts 8x Skipperblogs
rank Vice Admiral 70,000 pts 12x Skipperblogs
rank Admiral 100,000 pts 24x Skipperblogs
Moderator Moderator
From the rank of captain on, you can apply to become moderator.
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How to earn points ?

The more you give to the community, the higher the grade shown with your nickname becomes.

Report a major bug 2000 pts
Report inaccurate place/price data 600 pts
You have completed the survey 600 pts
Report a minor bug 500 pts
Add a price to a place wihtout price 300 pts
Add a place on the map 200 pts
Review a place 150 pts
Add a price to a place (Marina, mooring, fuel, etc...) 100 pts
You made a donation to MarinaPrice Your donation (in €/$) x500 pts
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