About us

What is MarinaPrice ?

MarinaPrice is a community platform where sailors can exchange on the prices they have paid for marinas, anchorages, diesel and clearances all around the world. This essential tool for cruisers on a budget gives the possibility to plan next stopovers carefully.

Everyone, depending on the size of their boat and where they are located, adds the price they paid for a particular service and thus allows the information to be transmitted to future users. It is about helping each other, thus promoting informed choices.

What are our goals ?

  • Provide boaters with price information related to the nautical world

... that's all.


Single handed

MarinaPrice is the result of a long winter on the European coasts where, during my round the world sailing, I had to spend a good part of the time in ports. It is in this constraint that I have sometimes noticed a great disparity between the prices of marinas. Other online platforms provide excellent information about the quality of services, but not about the sensitive subject: prices.

I have developed on my own during months

Thanks to your help !

MarinaPrice is a "personal" project funded by my own pocket and which has no sponsor. If you enjoy the service and want to support my work, you can donate and/or take a look at my other project www.skipperblogs.com

Your donation will help me cover the server costs.

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